Corissa Haury Writes

Hi there, thanks for dropping by.

I’m a freelance writer and quality assurance professional. I generally write about social media, comics, games, and travel. Here are a few highlights from the wonderful publications I have had the privilege of writing for. If you’d like, you can check out my writing blog as well.

Women Write About Comics

An Interview with Taneka Stotts (2017)

Snotgirl #6 : It’s Complicated (2017)

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LinkedIn Articles

The Superpower of Alliteration (2017)

Handwrite Your Thoughts for Less Stress (2017)


A Different Kind of Game (2012) – An interview with Settlers of Catan creator Klaus Teuber

Dream Local Digital

5 Social Media Tips from Ernest Hemingway (2013)

7 Reasons To Be The Indiana Jones of Social Media (2013)

Paid Content for Medium

8 Ways Camping Enriches Your Life (2013)

Road Trip: The Epic Hero’s Daring Journey (2013)