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kodak duaflex II

photos of my new kodak duaflex II that nick gave me for moosemas. it’s super cool! we have to roll our own film and everything. (120 film on a 620 spool i think) i love it and we had an awesome moosemas, which i will post about later on. for now, yay! it’s a pretty fun camera and i can’t wait to take actual pictures with it. <3

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2 thoughts on “kodak duaflex II

  1. You can buy already-respooled 620 film at B&H Photo, but it’s expensive. The Duaflex II is a nice camera to use, and it gives good results for as simple of a camera as it really is!

    1. yeah, i saw that and i very well may for the first couple of rolls. but once i have those spools, it will be much cheaper to buy the 120 and roll it myself. i just need a dark room… haha. thanks for the advice!

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