The 2015 Book List

By Corissa Haury This year, I was proud to finish a dozen books. Twelve books may not seem like a lot, but I savored every one of them. Reading was not a competition this year. It was a privilege. I started off the year with a lazy re-read of one of my favorite fantasy books, A Feast For Crows, from the Song…

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House Hunting

By Corissa Haury Yesterday morning my husband and I got out of bed at 7:15am. We were going to hunt for a house, a difficult task for any person. When it is cold, it is hard to rise from your warm cocoon of blankets. Those who live in the North have a formidable drive before them the day after a heavy snow. The roads…

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Personal, Short Story

A quiet morning [ short story ]

By Corissa Haury Winter was on its way, but it was not yet present. It still felt like it could have been late autumn, when the cold doesn’t fall below 40 degrees and there is a damp stillness to the foggy air. One still put the seat warmer on when one got in the car, but it wouldn’t be the case…

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Featured, Short Story, Writing

Summoning [short story]

By Corissa Haury She stood at the crossroads, where there were four stop signs. It was freezing. Her nose was numb. There were tiny frozen pieces of snow, ice, and her own frosty breath that framed her hood, closed as tight as she could manage without obscuring her vision. The sky was gray, flat. There was no active snow but for…

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Short Story, Writing

Dark Shadows and Storms [short story]

By Corissa Haury “Mom?” I call throughout the house. She doesn’t answer the usual, “I’m home!” I call out when I return from my best friend’s house in the evening. Over the water, the sun is setting, and I knew she would be cooking up dinner. That is, she usually is cooking up dinner around this time. I look at my watch. 5:57. Where…

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Short Story

Venom [short story]

  By Corissa Haury I close my eyes and I let the venom burn through my veins. The viper’s juice is soaking into my skin. The little yellow drop of rejuvenation filters through the open wound and rips through my bloodstream. Pain dips into my psyche and into my blood, burning on the surface of the skin, renewing the sharpness of…

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Science Fiction, Short Story

Nightmares [short story]

by corissa haury “Yes,” She says casually, eating her french toast doused in real American maple syrup and French butter, while both those continents slowly rotate by in the window behind her. My leg touches Alec’s, feeling the bump of his larger leg against my smaller one. It feels comforting, unlike what Maureen is saying while she gnaws on her…

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Poetry, Writing

Two Perceptions [poem]

By Corissa Haury Two perceptions divulged in a wood: A train-track running in both directions,  A tunnel in darkness thick as smoke. Two perceptions divulged in a wood: A pill-drenched mind on introspections, A hollow echo when deep heart spoke. / Two perceptions divulged in a wood: A call to love what has come before; A query to look ahead through philos. Two perceptions divulged in a…

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Melancholy Casco Bay [poem]

Melancholy Casco Bay  by Corissa Haury melancholy casco bay in summer rainy in deep green summertime landscapes edged with lustrous leaves and rich, thick underbrush dripping, dancing with the soaking breezes, bright birds sing to each other, flit brush to branch the sea crashes on the rocks of the islands seawalls battered like sieged stone castles on the edge of the…

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