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Corissa’s 2018 Reading List

Despite the fact that I managed to move, purchase a home with my husband, and survive not one but four family visits in 2018, I also managed to read! I don’t know how it happened. It all started with some Ursula LeGuin books in the early winter of the new year, thanks to my lifelong friend Hannah, and went from…

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A Milestone Met

Dear friends and readers, August was a long month, and yet somehow it has nearly disappeared already. It was a big month for me. I did something I’ve never done before in my entire life: I sent a book manuscript to a publisher. Granted, the statistics on any author’s very first manuscript making its way from writer to slush pile…

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My One Year Anniversary with Women Write About Comics

Dear friends and readers, Throughout my adult life, I have found joy in volunteering for different nonprofits. This has included giving tours of Portland, Maine’s oldest cemetery, being a foster cat mom, being a trainwoman on the Portland Narrow Gauge Railroad, working at the library bookstore, and teaching computers to seniors. There is something satisfying to me in spending my…

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Writing Recap 2017

National Novel Writing Month was not easy for me this year, but somehow I scraped past 50,000 words on November 29th, the day before it was all “over.” Of course, it’s not really over for me, and it won’t be this time for a while. This new novel I’m working on, Red Planet, feels different from the others that I’ve worked…

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Secluded Secrets at Seawall Beach

Maine is an ideal place to live if you enjoy going outdoors, especially in a mild summer climate that rarely rises above 95 degrees. The northernmost state in New England boasts chilly sea breezes and sunny mountaintops covered in bright, thriving foliage and fauna. Where I live in Portland is particularly nice, because it allows access to mountains like Douglas…

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What is True Friendship?

I grew up as a homeschool kid in New Jersey, under the wings of two very conservative Evangelical Christians. For 18 years, I had a singular primary social context for how the world worked, and how I interacted with others. The idea of a “friend” or “best friend” was not often discussed, because we were all “brothers” and “sisters” based…

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Horizon Zero Dawn

I’m not a gamer. I just play games I like, a lot. Usually it has to involve a specific type of gameplay, a good story, and archery. I like to joke with friends that I don’t like a console game unless it involves archery. So far, some of my favorites to date are Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider,…

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A quiet morning [ short story ]

By Corissa Haury Winter was on its way, but it was not yet present. It still felt like it could have been late autumn, when the cold doesn’t fall below 40 degrees and there is a damp stillness to the foggy air. One still put the seat warmer on when one got in the car, but it wouldn’t be the case…

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It’s That Time of Year

The time of year of for many cups of herbal tea, all day long, to combat the slight chill in our one-bedroom apartment on Parkside. I can’t wait for autumn; I shall take the most delightful pictures to share with you when the leaves have turned. For now, dream of warm scented steam and hot ceramic in your hands. Pull…

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Peace at Table Rock

In a single day; I rested my heart on the river, and spurred it up the mountainside; I hid in deep caves and saw the wide open; I saw a mountain range from a bird’s-eye view and strained my neck upward to see its summit; I was grounded on shallow rock beds and paddled through deep, black waters; I climbed…

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Vignettes From City Life #1

I was there because I am the worst vegetarian of all time. I call myself a “baconetarian” every once in a while to crack a joke to friends when they hear me order pizza with bacon on it, and afterward I explain why I just can’t seem to give up that delicious, succulent bacon. Bacon’s the only thing that used to…

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