Writing Hangups

The 5 Major Mind Melts of A Writer As a 20-something woman, I have forged through many preconceived notions about running, marriage, citizenry, tradition, education, history, America, and my own past. I continue to shed unhealthy misconceptions and open my heart to the billions of truths we encounter. The most intimidating obstacle, the longstanding wound on the flesh of my…

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Short Story, Writing

The Sound of a Sneeze

A young man with a plan. by C. E. Poley “Achoo!” He heard the delightful beginnings of a cold descend on the small office call center. He did not let himself smile just yet. It had begun. The cubicle walls were drab. The hum of telephones echoed around him; educated minds performing uneducated work. The office walls that bordered the room…

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Personal, Writing, Year Two

Writing Today

It feels good to start the new year off writing, that’s for sure. I didn’t think that I would be able to jump back in so quickly, but it’s always that initial hour push that gets me going. I’m glad I started working on A’s story again. He needs to be written; his story is screaming at me from the…

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Maine, Writing

My Take on Question 1

As the ever impending election approaches, I have been extremely loathe to say anything in public about it other than, “I’m washing my hands of this crap.” and even then, it’s still important to me and I’m still struggling with the idea of voting on Tuesday. That said, I do want to say what I think of Question 1, and…

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