Early Moosemas

Yes, we call it Moosemas. Because of the Great White Moose… Whom I shall tell you more about some day after I’ve drawn a good example of him.

In any case, I am completely spoiled. Not only did N decide to procure us the most wonderful portable little turntable, he managed to get one that has all 3 speeds, digital input and output, and its own stereo speaker set. He went to great lengths to make sure he wasn’t spending too much on a “surprise” gift, which he promptly gave to me after we got home from our various Moosemas shopping errands.

I have wanted a turntable for years. I’ve even gathered many free records, mostly classical music, from various outlets. I have been determined to own a beautiful record player, and this lovely gadget is perfect. We can even put batteries in it if and when we must, giving us the ability to go on summer picnics next year and bring our favorite records to play outside.

I am enjoying this turntable, but even more, I am amazed at how wonderful and thoughtful N is. I am constantly blessed just by his presence, let alone by his undivided attentions and his handsome face. I’m so glad we were able to use it together last night, and that we can go hunting for our favorite albums all over Portland. This city has some great stores for vinyl that we have yet to even explore. I’m going to try and find a great album for Moosemas Day… I’d love to surprise him with one of his favorites so we can listen together.

Even though things are difficult right now in terms of jobs, and we are uncertain of what our life path looks like, it is the quiet moments that matter to us. It is the holding one another while we listen to music crackle on the record player, it is the sipping of the perfect cup of hot, steamy cider with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Here’s to love, and holidays, and cold winters snuggling with our loved ones.

Crosley Turntable

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