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i’ve been considering a few things lately, but primarily fate and whether or not it is real, or made up in our own minds. the dictionary says that “fate” is something that unavoidably befalls a person. that is, something that will happen to you regardless of what you do, something out of your control. i wonder if this means that rather than thinking nothing is fate, that everything is fate. in your own life, everything happens to you, correct? things may unavoidably befall you on a frequent basis. perhaps someone at work is overly rude, or someone you know is extra kind. these things befall you outside of your control. the world will always influence you no matter what you do. rather than it being you that influences the world, you are a sponge. i am a sponge. we soak in every day and we must struggle to absorb it, struggle against the waves of fates that meet us at every corner. they are at every turn, happening to you unavoidably and lacking any hope for control.

i suppose the question at this point must be, “what does one do with the knowledge that fate is everything?” i’m not really sure about that part. i just know that i often feel things occurring for very specific reasons. things fall into place and it doesn’t make sense to me, but who am i? i am a small part of this universe, vast even in the minute details of my own home. if everything is fate, then do i let it overwhelm me or do i accept that it must wash over me? how does one handle constant shift, and change – whether it be emotional or external. these are the considerations that must overtake us when inevitable fates fall upon us. instead of turning inward and bemoaning our state, we must accept that a fate has overcome us. it is that simple. and other fates are waiting for us, everywhere that we go. we must choose how we respond to them.

as clumsy as i myself am, i would like to think that in theory one should respond to fates with a gracious attitude and hopefully a discerning one. that, i think is the true key: discernment. if one has discernment then when inevitable fates approach one can handle them with ease. i suppose that’s all i should really strive for – to let the fates wash over me rather than control me, and enjoy learning as i can to be gracious. especially with others. remember that everyone struggles with fates beyond their control. there are still more reasons to behave graciously, but i won’t go into them. i’m just sort of hoping that at some point in my life, i will finally be gracious.


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3 thoughts on “fates

  1. So, the short version of this is basically ‘we can’t control our lives at all, so fuck it, just roll with it’?

    ’cause that’s my take on ‘fate’ in a nutshell.

    #concise’d #Iamanunculturedreprobate #actuallylikedyourpost #justajackass

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