this is marceline, marcie for short. she is our new kitten (she’s just a year old) we got on saturday. it was my birthday, so nick and i rode the bus out to our friends’ house and borrowed their car. we got to the foster home (marcie is from a shelter) and marcie was just perfect. she came right up to me and wanted lots of love and attention. she’s wonderful. we went home and watched movies all day while we snuggled up together on the couch. it was a long and fun day. nick made the most delicious fettucine alfredo for my birthday dinner, and he made the most delicious toffee chocolate cake!

i have the best little family ever. <3

Ridiculous, curious, most likely delirious.

I love a great story, whether it comes in the form of words or visual stimuli. I believe everyone has a story to tell, and I love to share mine.

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