Melancholy Casco Bay [poem]

copyright H. E. Remus 2015

Melancholy Casco Bay

 by Corissa Haury

melancholy casco bay

in summer

rainy in deep green summertime
landscapes edged with lustrous leaves and rich, thick underbrush
dripping, dancing with the soaking breezes,
bright birds sing to each other, flit
brush to branch

the sea crashes on the rocks of the islands
seawalls battered like sieged stone castles
on the edge of the wide ocean
on the edge of power and chaos

waves dip and challenge barges and boats alike
blue gray clouds linger over ghostly white hulls in the bay
water and sky mingle in quiet patterns
as the mists overtake hundreds of masts
sitting in harbor communion

wooden houses on water’s edge groan against wind
tin roofs protest in a racket
casco bay windows weep with water

melancholy casco bay

in summer

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