Most of the Time [poem]

By Corissa Haury

A short poem about writing indoors.

1. most of the time i sit in the silence

and hear the mouse clicking

hear the chair creaking

hear the cat licking


2. most of the time i sit in the silence

the sounds of the typing

the scribbles of writing

the sigh of the griping—

3. (most of the time i listen to me)

while i work like a diligent

busy old bee

but the buzzing

and humming

and clicking

and clacking

the chair’s little creaks

and the knee-on-desk whacking

it’s driving me crazy

the sounds of the traffic

outside and the window

the computers and—



4. most of the time i sit in the silence

it’s me and technology

me and the internet

me and the world wide web.

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