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Hello, all! I’m quite excited to announce that over the last few weeks, my previous internship transitioned into a full-time position at Dream Local Digital! I was able to meet the whole crew on February 11, 12, and 13th during a great “Dream Team” Summit last week. It was refreshing to be in a room full of people that not only got along with one another, but were able to share ideas and brainstorm in a healthy way. We spent 3 days getting to know one another and coming up with spectacular new ideas for our company. Dream Local Digital is a social media marketing startup that strives to help brands generate unique and authentic content on the web. We’re excited to expand the company this year.

I am honored, thrilled, and a little intimidated (I promise it’s a healthy dose – just to keep me doing great work) by this opportunity. This is the first job I’ve had where I feel that I can really put my skillset into my work in a unique way. This wonderful company gives me the freedom to bring my ideas to the table, as well as gently say “maybe we can re-work that” when they’re not always the best. I’m looking forward to working more with Dream Local, and to our new office in Old Port that we’ll be working in soon. Don’t worry – I’ll spruce up the new place and take photos for you.

What will I be doing? That’s yet to be determined in a solid “title” – for now I am working on content research and marketing plans, social media strategy, and content harvesting. I’m having a great time so far and I look forward to getting more work and putting more of my skills into practice through research and knowledge.

If you’d like to read the Press Release from the Bangor Daily News, you can see that article here. My wonderful boss, and whirlwind wonder-woman Shannon Kinney had this to say, “We are excited to add Corissa to the team, she started out as an intern and has quickly shown she has what it takes to be a successful marketing strategist. She’ll be representing our company in Portland where we have a number of partners and we really look forward to seeing what Corissa can bring to our clients.” (Me, too!)



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