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a little bit about being young but not really, and things to do in 2012

i’m on the far right. 3 middle siblings on the left, before the small boys were born.


my momma is sending me a package. i’m pretty excited. yes, i’m nearly 23 and i call her “momma” but frankly i don’t care and i will likely call her that until i die.

in any case, i don’t feel almost 23. i feel almost 43. it’s weird to realize that so many people my age are making big mistakes and finding themselves and doing crazy things… and i guess i’m doing a lot with my time (it never seems like i have any!) but none of it is young. one wants to do crazy things, whatever that means. to some people it means getting smashed all the time and crazy party things.

to me it means seeing things, traveling the world, being in love with nick, getting a cat, and supporting my best friends at our magazine. i hope 2012 is full of all these things. i’m going to start tonight by listing places i want to visit that are within walkable or bus-able distance in portland. museums, art galleries, cool places… i’m going to make a thorough list of them and see if i can visit one cool place per month this year. thoughts?

what are you doing for the new year? what did you do when you were young and crazy? any advice for an almost-23 year old?


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