Published Work

Hi there, thanks for dropping by.

I’m a freelance writer and quality assurance professional living and working in Maine, USA. I generally write about comics, games, films, and personal experiences. I also love to interview all kinds of creators.

Currently I am a contributing writer at Women Write About Comics and Popularly Positive, and have some guest articles elsewhere. I once ran a zine that was called WHALE, and worked for a social media firm here in Maine, and have older pieces here as well.

Here are a few highlights from publications I’ve worked with.

Sincerely, Corissa

Popularly Positive

Self Care Routine: Be Nice to Your Skin (2018)


Women Write About Comics

2018 highlights

Prism Stalker is a Kaleidoscopic Sci Fi Story

Does Heathen Address White Feminism on Purpose?

PUBWATCH: Cracking Open The Vault (Jan/Feb 2018)

Can Panel Syndicate Sustain Their Idyllic Publishing Model?

Ladycastle is Almost Great, Except For Eyebrows


2017 highlights

A Couple of Great Roller Derby Comics By Women

Wild Rose Emerges: An Interview with Author Nicola R. White

Regular Show Parks and Wreck is a Wild Ride

Petulant Parents: Adventure Time #69

Adventure Time #68: Dealing with Ageism

Comparing the Heart of Assassin’s Creed: Reflections With Its Ancestors

Adventure Time Comics #17: Don’t Forget The Teeth

Adventure Time Vol. 13: Genuinely Mathematical

Snotgirl #6: It’s Complicated

We Have Voices, Too: Milkshakes with Taneka Stotts

See my full list of WWAC articles here.




Shuyan Saga Teaches Mindfulness

A Bunch of Tiny Birds: An Interview with Daisy Ein

Aloy’s Full Body Workout (words and illustrations both by me)


Why Are Professional Female Vainglory Players So Hard To Find?

VR’s Potential For Meaningful Accessibility: An Interview with Polyarc Games

Super Phantom Cat 2 and the Hidden Worlds Around Us


Ms En Scene


Tomb Raider is Not The Feminist Film It Appears To Be

Will Beatless Be Just Another Robot Girl Anime?


Deconstructing Netflix’s Death Note


LinkedIn Articles

The Superpower of Alliteration (2017)

Handwrite Your Thoughts for Less Stress (2017)


Older Works


A Different Kind of Game (2012) – An interview with Settlers of Catan creator Klaus Teuber


Dream Local Digital

5 Social Media Tips from Ernest Hemingway (2013)

7 Reasons To Be The Indiana Jones of Social Media (2013)


Paid Content for Medium

8 Ways Camping Enriches Your Life (2013)

Road Trip: The Epic Hero’s Daring Journey (2013)