Sea Woman

By Corissa Haury
She combs her hair on craggy rocks,
And climbs the cliffs, now bare of feet,
The wind plays in her shining locks,
Tides crash on shores, her soul to meet;
Her heart sings now the ocean’s song,
Its anthem churning, burning deep,
Inside her heart where it belongs,
The heart the ocean now shall keep;
And who shall tame the wind blown hair
Of a woman of the sea?
She who wanders, shore to shore,
Shall never claimed be.
She who wanders with the tides,
And walks among the sands.
She who cries unto the gulls
And speaks unto the land.
The pines, the tallest evergreens,
The deepening pools in eventide,
On comes the darkness hence to meet;
The long and regal cranes abide;
The moon now shimmers on the sea,
And in the clouds it shines like silver;
Then shall the sea-lady come to me,
And on the shore shall we be lovers.
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Ridiculous, curious, most likely delirious. I love a great story, whether it comes in the form of words or visual stimuli. I believe everyone has a story to tell, and I love to share mine. Please feel free to read along, comment, share your own stories, or send me a message via the contact page. Thanks for your time reading my words.
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