First Year, Personal

summer months

I guess it’s kind of been a while. Lots of stuff happened. I’m taking a business class and might attempt to start a small website business in the fall. Pretty fun. I’m also a substitute librarian at the main library here in Portland. I’m super excited about this one. It’s torture and wonder to work in a place so full…

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Maine, Personal


photo from bethany at telling gets old time. something to consider. i have had almost none of it lately, with greenbuilding stuff at work and numerous meetings with US green building council people from our local maine chapter… journalism is not easy, especially if you’re anything like me and you throw yourself into it. i feel like i don’t have…

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First Year, Maine, Personal


this is marceline, marcie for short. she is our new kitten (she’s just a year old) we got on saturday. it was my birthday, so nick and i rode the bus out to our friends’ house and borrowed their car. we got to the foster home (marcie is from a shelter) and marcie was just perfect. she came right up…

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wish i had these for wintertime. it’s morning and i’m not really awake yet. my tea failed me (or rather, i failed it) when it became cold because i was doing a lot of actual work (shocker!). trying to motivate myself to work… i really just want to do whale work today! oh well. more tea next to me at the…

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