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What is True Friendship?

I grew up as a homeschool kid in New Jersey, under the wings of two very conservative Evangelical Christians. For 18 years, I had a singular primary social context for how the world worked, and how I interacted with others. The idea of a “friend” or “best friend” was not often discussed, because we were all “brothers” and “sisters” based…

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House Hunting

By Corissa Haury Yesterday morning my husband and I got out of bed at 7:15am. We were going to hunt for a house, a difficult task for any person. When it is cold, it is hard to rise from your warm cocoon of blankets. Those who live in the North have a formidable drive before them the day after a heavy snow. The roads…

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Peace at Table Rock

In a single day; I rested my heart on the river, and spurred it up the mountainside; I hid in deep caves and saw the wide open; I saw a mountain range from a bird’s-eye view and strained my neck upward to see its summit; I was grounded on shallow rock beds and paddled through deep, black waters; I climbed…

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Early Moosemas

Yes, we call it Moosemas. Because of the Great White Moose… Whom I shall tell you more about some day after I’ve drawn a good example of him. In any case, I am completely spoiled. Not only did N decide to procure us the most wonderful portable little turntable, he managed to get one that has all 3 speeds, digital…

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My Take on Question 1

As the ever impending election approaches, I have been extremely loathe to say anything in public about it other than, “I’m washing my hands of this crap.” and even then, it’s still important to me and I’m still struggling with the idea of voting on Tuesday. That said, I do want to say what I think of Question 1, and…

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First Year, Maine

mmmm weekends

i made a very short (twenty seconds) video of my morning. piano music and falling snow outside. beautiful. i’m also sipping a cup of peppermint tea. mmmm weekends. here’s a frame so you can see what the video looks like. snow & philip glass how are you spending your weekend?

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this is marceline, marcie for short. she is our new kitten (she’s just a year old) we got on saturday. it was my birthday, so nick and i rode the bus out to our friends’ house and borrowed their car. we got to the foster home (marcie is from a shelter) and marcie was just perfect. she came right up…

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First Year, Personal


so last night we went to a hockey game. specifically, the portland pirates versus the providence bruins. although the bruins had a super interesting and coordinated way of playing, they lost because the pirates were too quick. it was a lot of fun- my first hockey game ever. now i kind of want to go again. i really enjoyed it including…

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kodak duaflex II

photos of my new kodak duaflex II that nick gave me for moosemas. it’s super cool! we have to roll our own film and everything. (120 film on a 620 spool i think) i love it and we had an awesome moosemas, which i will post about later on. for now, yay! it’s a pretty fun camera and i can’t…

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