Science Fiction, Short Story

Nightmares [short story]

by corissa haury “Yes,” She says casually, eating her french toast doused in real American maple syrup and French butter, while both those continents slowly rotate by in the window behind her. My leg touches Alec’s, feeling the bump of his larger leg against my smaller one. It feels comforting, unlike what Maureen is saying while she gnaws on her…

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Melancholy Casco Bay [poem]

Melancholy Casco Bay  by Corissa Haury melancholy casco bay in summer rainy in deep green summertime landscapes edged with lustrous leaves and rich, thick underbrush dripping, dancing with the soaking breezes, bright birds sing to each other, flit brush to branch the sea crashes on the rocks of the islands seawalls battered like sieged stone castles on the edge of the…

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