wish i had these for wintertime. it’s morning and i’m not really awake yet. my tea failed me (or rather, i failed it) when it became cold because i was doing a lot of actual work (shocker!). trying to motivate myself to work… i really just want to do whale work today! oh well. more tea next to me at the…

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First Year, Maine, Personal

kodak duaflex II

photos of my new kodak duaflex II that nick gave me for moosemas. it’s super cool! we have to roll our own film and everything. (120 film on a 620 spool i think) i love it and we had an awesome moosemas, which i will post about later on. for now, yay! it’s a pretty fun camera and i can’t…

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get away

this makes me want to get into one of those boats and just go for a cruise. yes, they’re for lobstering. don’t care! still want to steal one.