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A Milestone Met

Dear friends and readers,

August was a long month, and yet somehow it has nearly disappeared already. It was a big month for me. I did something I’ve never done before in my entire life: I sent a book manuscript to a publisher. Granted, the statistics on any author’s very first manuscript making its way from writer to slush pile to publication are incredibly slim. Perhaps even nil. In reality, that doesn’t matter, because I did something I’ve wanted to do my whole life and never done.

Since last November during National Novel Writing Month, which I finished at 80,000 words, I worked with multiple editors, including my loving husband, to cull and polish my novel. I found out that the science fiction and fantasy publisher Tor would be looking for manuscripts shortly thereafter, and I knew that I had to participate. I worked to get my story under 40,000 words in order to qualify. It was grueling editing, rewriting, and character cutting, but it was very rewarding. Sometimes I went an entire week without even looking at the story, and then furiously fix it all weekend when it was too hot outside. Sometimes I thought, “There’s no way I can ever do this.” But I did. We did. (Thanks to Amanda, Anna, and Nicholas.)

I finally submitted it! (Novel title has been removed for privacy purposes)

The big deadline for the novella submissions was this month. On August 11th, with a lot of nervous energy and excitement, I pressed the “Submit” button and sent in a ~37,000 word sci-fi novella. I really, truly finished something. And I really sent it in. So yes, August was a big month for me. This is a lifelong milestone that I am excited to experience, even though I know it likely means rejection via a form letter. Proving to myself that I can edit and clean a manuscript is a huge win. Proving that I can make a real novella is another. I have so many dusty manuscripts sitting around in my writing room that need love and care. I can’t wait to get started on them!

For September, I’m going to take a break writing fiction and bask in reading. I need to catch up on some books I’m in the middle of, and focus on Women Write About Comics work that I owe my editors. I did write two articles this month, one for Ms. En Scene about the new Netflix show Disenchantment, and a news column for WWAC.

Thanks so much for joining me on this writing journey.

Sincerely yours,


Thanks so much for dropping by!

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