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Hi there, thanks for dropping by.

I love to write when I’m not working as a full time quality assurance professional living and working in Maine, USA. You’ll find a few samples of my fiction and non-fiction on this site. Below you’ll find links to even more!

Sincerely, Corissa

Journalism Experience

In the past, I’ve generally written about comics, games, films, and personal experiences. I also love to interview all kinds of creators. I volunteered as a contributing writer for Bleating Heart Press, which included the three online publications Women Write About Comics, SideQuest Zone, and Ms. En Scene from July 2017 until December 2018. Sometimes I write for Popularly Positive, or have a guest article elsewhere. I once ran a zine that was called WHALE, and worked for a social media firm here in Maine, and have older pieces here as well.

Here are a few highlights from publications I’ve worked with.

Women Write About Comics

2018 highlights

2017 highlights

A Couple of Great Roller Derby Comics By Women

Wild Rose Emerges: An Interview with Author Nicola R. White

Regular Show Parks and Wreck is a Wild Ride

Petulant Parents: Adventure Time #69

Adventure Time #68: Dealing with Ageism

Comparing the Heart of Assassin’s Creed: Reflections With Its Ancestors

Adventure Time Comics #17: Don’t Forget The Teeth

Snotgirl #6: It’s Complicated

We Have Voices, Too: Milkshakes with Taneka Stotts

See my full list of WWAC articles here.

Ms En Scene



Deconstructing Netflix’s Death Note



words and illustrations both by me for the following piece:


Why Are Professional Female Vainglory Players So Hard To Find?

VR’s Potential For Meaningful Accessibility: An Interview with Polyarc Games

Super Phantom Cat 2 and the Hidden Worlds Around Us

LinkedIn Articles

The Superpower of Alliteration (2017)

Handwrite Your Thoughts for Less Stress (2017)

Older Works


A Different Kind of Game (2012) – An interview with Settlers of Catan creator Klaus Teuber

Dream Local Digital

5 Social Media Tips from Ernest Hemingway (2013)

7 Reasons To Be The Indiana Jones of Social Media (2013)

Paid Content for Medium (2013)