Maine, Motivation, Personal, Year Two

Peace at Table Rock

In a single day; I rested my heart on the river, and spurred it up the mountainside; I hid in deep caves and saw the wide open; I saw a mountain range from a bird’s-eye view and strained my neck upward to see its summit; I was grounded on shallow rock beds and paddled through deep, black waters; I climbed…

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Maine, Personal

polaroid 6/15/13

Today was an adventure. It mainly consisted of excellent conversations and enjoyment of the summer sun. Part of the day involved the use of a lucky $4 Polaroid camera I discovered at Goodwill. We went to Pinecone & Chickadee and I found some black and white film. This is one of the photos I took and then scanned. I hope…

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Illustration, Maine

i fell into the future

just another little thing by me, corissa e p; quote and photo are both mine. i enjoy this because i feel it accurately reflects the ghostly way in which we move through time… we never realize how much we are spending and yet we spend idly and actively for love of people, pleasures, and places around us. we, in many…

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