First Year, Maine

mmmm weekends

i made a very short (twenty seconds) video of my morning. piano music and falling snow outside. beautiful. i’m also sipping a cup of peppermint tea. mmmm weekends. here’s a frame so you can see what the video looks like. snow & philip glass how are you spending your weekend?

Motivation, Personal


  this is my dream. one day, i will live in a cabin in the woods where i cannot see my neighbors when i look out the window. i will see only nature, and trees, and beauty when i look out my windows. i can do what i like on my land and i will own a piece of property…

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Maine, Personal


photo from bethany at telling gets old time. something to consider. i have had almost none of it lately, with greenbuilding stuff at work and numerous meetings with US green building council people from our local maine chapter… journalism is not easy, especially if you’re anything like me and you throw yourself into it. i feel like i don’t have…

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